Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sweet November!

After the experimental biryani, it was time for some mushroom manchurian. The result was a pretty picture. More on that later!
October end brought with it a "much awaited good news" and following that a November of "To Do Lists" - somethings that I had been planning in the further most corner of my brain can now finally be put onto an excel sheet and shaped as per plans.
So now there are 4 different lists -
1. Vacation,
2. Good news list- 1
3. Good news List -2
4. Good news List -3
The vacation list is almost done. Now its just - come Dec 3, pack and go.
For the rest of the lists - can someone please press fast forward - I cant wait untill April!
All of this might sound gibberish now - but wait for it while it unfolds!