Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch at Gunpowder...

I simply love Hauz khas village for its charming old buildings, alleyways and the little eateries nestled within those buildings. One such surprise is Gunpowder - the Peninsular Kitchen. The little place overlooks the Hauz Khas lake, and specializes in Kerala/Andhra Non veg delicacies.
We chose a sunny Sunday afternoon with Dinesh and Dhanya, our experts with Kerala cuisines. The place is usually crowded so reserving a table in advance helped.
I don't remember most of what we ate, but the food was a bit too spicy for my palate. I loved the Karimeen and the malabar parathas with spiced buttermilk. Appams are soft, fluffy and help balance the spices in the food.
I have heard rave reviews about the Toddy Shop meen curry. There is also a Buff curry for any takers.

My take on Gunpowder would be a 7/10.

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