Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Nostalgia hit again! Today was the last day of my penultimate semester at Raffles Millennium and I couldn't help but feel Senti. In no time I would move on from one of the best workplaces till date and just the thought of it left me wondering if I should shed a tear or so. It's crazy. Then, the other day I was reading Sammy's blog where she neatly outlined the "signs of growing up", I guess my over-the -top Nostalgia of things related and unrelated is a sure shot sign of an upcoming "turning 30" crisis that needs to be fixed.... pronto!

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Sam said...

I might be able to understand what it must feel like to leave the nicest places, be it where you've worked or studied or lived for a long time.. But over time, I've realised that eventually its all for the best and I am sure this one shall too.. :)
And its very sweet of you to mention me on your space, you read me.. yay!! :)