Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rain or No Rain

The monsoons have hit most parts of India barring the sun drenched, parched, scorched, dried out Ahmedabad. It seems as if the Rain Gods are unhappy for some reason unknown to the Amdavaadies. On most mornings I find myself looking up into the cloudy sky and proclaiming loudly to R - "Its going to rain today". None of my prophecies have come true till now, and more so are being repeatedly ignored with a half hearted nod from R. I hail from the Himalayan valley and to get my rainfall judgement incorrect is quite a blow to my weatherman (read woman) instinct. I was born, bred and buttered to recognize the signs of an oncoming shower. How can anyone go wrong - the clouds are there, the breeze is there, but where IS THE RAIN?

I chattered on with my incessant rantings about the missing monsoons with the fellow wives who like me were contemplating a fasting session to please the Rain Gods. It was just then that I read an email from a frustrated colleague in Delhi. My thoughts drifted back to the unbelievably chaotic Delhi city during the monsoons. Hours and hour of traffic choked roads, flooded underpasses, idiotic drivers who honk for no reason in the middle of a bumper to bumper traffic situation, sudden death of the traffic lights all over the city, truckwalas who decide to park their great vehicles as per their whims and fancies on NH 8 and a pitiful state of government affairs that chooses to overlook the problem year after year. I could see myself trapped in my Alto for unbelievably long hours on my way to and from work between Noida and Gurgaon, battling  the rampant call center cabbies who drive as if they own the roads- how I wished and prayed to the Rain Gods to end my trauma then. 

I realised that this year in Ahmedabad was the answer to my prayers and yet I had not stopped cribbing. I must have driven the Gods crazy. 

I looked up into the cloudy evening sky, and sent out a small mental note
"Dear God, 
Thank you. Rain or no Rain!" 
Yours truly, 

I have decided to let the Rain Gods get by their business in this extremely busy season of the year. As for me,  I will patiently wait with a mug of coffee to enjoy a rainy day on my balcony in IIMA. 

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