Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The T- Nite Festival!

When I quit my 5 year old working life in March 2011, I felt a funny, empty feeling. I was relived and confused at the same time. The feeling died a few days later only to erupt yet again to bother me. This time I realized that I was missing the chaos of the much awaited Talent festival. Suddenly there were no more dance practices, no more posters to be made, no frantic doorbells in the middle of a sleepy afternoon and no tempo shouts of X-PLO-SIVES reverberating in the campus. I remember watching T- Nite videos with R on Youtube in November last year and I cannot believe that T- Nite for us is also an event in the past.

This year the T- Nite was aptly renamed the X- Nite. It was ruled by the talented XPLOSIVES who proved to the fucchas that age didn't matter to us - we are "Young and Restless" -  even though most of us are still nursing our aches. T - Nite witnessed an explosion of talented individuals. All through the 4 nights of incredible fun students, spouses and kids came out and celebrated an event that brought us a lot closer as a batch. It was heartening to see little kids screaming Explosives with the same fervor as their moms and dads. My favorite little boy Ollie had even painted a tiny flag hoisted on a straw for himself. He ran about waving it just like the other uncles around him. 

The various section Newsletters were the highlight of my mornings all through the T - Fest. Instead of the newspaper I would open R's inbox for my dose of morning giggles. The situation was almost war-like with the sections bashing each other with funny, lewd comments and photos all in the spirit of the T-Nite. There were some really funny ones worth saving. 

The T- nite ended with a Class Act which was truly a "Class Act" by the 101 Xpolsives. The students performed "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" in various languages.The class came together in traditional attire and the act was closed with a grand applause and ovation from the audience.

Still recovering from the T- Nite festivities, I am unable to express the sheer joy witnessed in the 4 dramatic days - I am sure that the many videos on Youtube and photos on facebook will!

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